(Tech) Think Different (Maria Callas)

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(Tech) Think Different (Maria Callas)

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  • Think Different - Maria Callas, Apple, 1998

    The comedian Bill Burr has a funny bit about Steve Jobs and implicates this "Think Different" series as evidence, as if Jobs inducted himself into the pantheon of greatness... "Jesus, Gandhi, ME!!". It's a funny take on Jobs' idiosyncratic personality, and a certain view on Apple culture. 

    But there might be another side to it. At the time Steve Jobs had returned to Apple and sought to re-stake the business' claim to creative users, and help spawn a reputation of innovation and imagination.

    Maybe it's not about co-opting the fame, and accomplishments of others, but an introduction to them.
    This might be an introduction to types of excellence. And each of these people are reservoirs to study and draw from. 

    Perhaps these people are known in the culture of the time, but maybe the weight of who they were had been missed or evaporated a bit with time. But here in black and white are people that are defining your world, right now, whether you could trace their impact or not.

    This is a specific introduction to where to find excellence. This award winning campaign did affect a generation and brought greats like Maria Callas, Cesar Chavez and Richard Feynman into the daily discourse.

    Here the great opera singer, Maria Callas. 

    Condition is very good, image is much better than our scan conveys. Overall size is 24 x 36 (inches)