(Technology - Computing) Microscapes (microprocessor)

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(Technology - Computing) Microscapes (microprocessor)

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  • (Technology - Computing) Microscapes (microprocessor), AT&T, 1985

    Here is the most important traffic configuration schema for the future. Not for cars or planes, but electrons.
    With simple traffic rules and gates that govern the flow of electricity, this is the structure that is ever scaling down (yay! to Moore's law), and has paved the way for cheap, fast computing power to be ever abundant.

    This image was from a travelling exhibit that visited numerous science museums across the country to unveil the practically invisible microscopic world of modern electronics. With processors that could manage millions of computations per second, the travelling exhibit was backed by the technological powerhouse that was AT&T at the time.

    As times have changed and chip design has leapt forward, we now see transistor sizes that can average 1000 x 1000 atoms, and now we are pressing downward to sizes where quantum effects begin to take effect and demand a rethinking of chip design altogether.
    For those interested in how small the future could be, an interview with chip designer Jim Keller (AMD,Intel,Apple, etc) touches on where things could be going...
    Condition is very good. Rare. Overall size is approximately 26 x 20 (images)