Territories of New Mexico and Utah

Mapmaker: Colton

Territories of New Mexico and Utah


  • ~Catalog 53~
  • Territories of New Mexico and Utah

    Colton's famous map of the Southwest when divisions of the large territories begin. Here New Mexico is now diminished by a Arizona territory running east-west from its southern border to 33.5 latitude. Likewise in western Utah is a hand colored division for what would later become Nevada. But most significantly , this map notes a proposed "Colona" east of the continental divide and covering what was western Kanzas and Nebraska, it is a proto Colorado territory. It is a rare notation for a map to include the "Colona" territory as it only lasts for a year. The entire region is crossed by trails and proposed railroad routes and numerous towns have appeared yet Denver hasn't been noted yet. A desirable map for the developing West. Wheat 832. Brown state 7

    Condition is good with some age toning and original hand color. Image size is 13 x 15.75 (inches).