(Texas) Texas Etats Unis D'Amerique

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(Texas) Texas Etats Unis D'Amerique

c. 1853

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  • (Texas) Texas Etats Unis D'Amerique Trace du Chemin de Fer de Galveston a Houston et Henderson

    The Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad Company was chartered on February 7, 1853, to build from Galveston through Houston to Henderson. The company was an important carrier as it was, for a number of years, Galveston's only rail connection with the Texas railroad system centering at Houston. Although supported in Galveston and Houston, much of the early financing was provided by investors in Holland and France. This map is a promotional map in French to help gain support for the endeavor, showing the most of Texas as it was, divided into counties, including county seats and some major towns. A rarity, we don't see this map ever offered through the price record.

    Condition is good with separations along the folds, and a small amount of loss at the center corner fold. Image size is approximately 15.75 x 15.5(inches)