(Texas) Texas in 1836

Mapmaker: Monette

(Texas) Texas in 1836


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  • (Texas) Texas in 1836.

    A handsome hand colored map for the independent Republic of Texas, which includes a wealth of notations for the various land grants such as “John Camerons's Grant”, “Austin & Williams' Grant”, Beale & Grant's Grant” and may more. Likewise does its best to note general tribal locations such as the Pawnee and Comanche, as well as places where “Droves of Wild Cattle & Horses” could be found. Does note the
    major roads as well as general terrrain, as well as towns. Interestingly the western boundary doesn't extend to the Rio Grande consistently, but recesses in to the crest of a mountain chain called the “Mountains of Anahuaca”. Condition is very good and is complete in its original two volume set titled the “History of the Discovery and Settlement of The Valley of the Mississippi by Monette. Volume one of the set includes a map of most eastern US for the French, English and Spanish posessions. Condition of both volumes is good, with strong original bindings and very clean contents. This desirable two volume set is complete and has been seen to fetch high prices at auctions over the last few years.

    Condition is good. Image size is approximately 8.5 x 10 (inches)