(Texas - U.S.) Texas --the Land of Plenty and Promise

Mapmaker: Cotton Belt Route

(Texas - U.S.) Texas --the Land of Plenty and Promise

c. 1940

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  • (Thematic)Texas -- the Land of Plenty and Promise

    This is the flex from Texas, and a brilliant tool to show size and insinuate importance. A pivoting overlay outlines Texas and tells the story of how...

    "A Chicago house telegraphed to its salesman in El Paso, to go to Texarkana, Texas, on a business deal. The salesman in El Paso wired the house "Send someone from Chicago to Texarkana; it is nearer."

    Under the outline is a map of Texas and its abundant resources as the silhoutte of the state swings across a vast majority of the nation, reaching as far as Madison Wisconsin, Jacksonville Florida, of even near Denver.
    It's an ingenious tactic to show the swinging shadow of the state, and its inferred imposition of clout over the country.

    Condition is very good. Overall size is approximately 7 x 10.25