The Land of Make Believe

Mapmaker: Jaro Hess

The Land of Make Believe


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • The Land of Make Believe

    At the recent landmark exhibit of the Festival of Maps in Chicago, the display included, toward the end of the show, this map of a imagined land by Jaro Hess. It is a compilation of nursery rhymes and fables all together in one map.

    Produce by artist and illustrator Jaro Hess, he is an interesting figure, born in Czechoslovakia and spending most of his life in the US. From steelworker to horticulturist to gardener and landscaper, he experienced a wide swath of occupations, but is known most today for this large map that hung in many children's rooms and became part of their memory of childhood. A beautiful image, it has been hard to find in the past, and is sure to become a greater challenge with new found interest.

    Condition is good with a light old centerfold and some very mild dampstaining in the left margin. Issued on a thick stock that has a bit of a gloss finish. Image size is 25 x 36 (inches).