The Situation. View of Chicago showing

Mapmaker: Poole Brothers

The Situation. View of Chicago showing


  • ~Catalog 51~
  • The Situation. View of Chicago showing the Two Union Railway stations of the Great Rock Island Route

    An articulate and beautiful birds eye view illustrating “the situation” of the city of Chicago at the turn of the century. The Poole Brothers were active doing many different birds eyes of the city at the turn of the century and studied their subject well. Landmark buildings are easily identifiable (Auditorium, Art Institute, as well as what are presently the Cultural Center and the Museum of Science and Industry), at a key time in the city's architectural development. As the smoke (ever a symbol of progress and industry) wafts up from all over the town, the Elevated trains loop the downtown, and communities sprawl beyond to the horizon. Almost reaching to river, and spanning down to Hyde Park and the “Union Station Englewood”, we still see regions beyond quite clearly, with the park system encircling the city in the distance with a light green. Professionally restored and lined a center crack has been repaired, along with a few other miscellaneous tears.

    Image size is 25.5 x 38.5, full printed color