(Thematic -Alcohol) Isle of Pleasure

Mapmaker: Lawrence, H. J.

(Thematic -Alcohol) Isle of Pleasure


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Map Showing Isle of Pleasure

    This skull-shaped island is the “State of Inebriation” and is the home to the ups and downs of alcohol. From from the mountains of “Hillarity Heights” to the lows of “Hang Over Hollow”, this map is full of illustrated alcohol terms and is really well composed and illustrated. There is a “Road to Reason” which encounters a “Water Wagon” as it passes the Sanitorium and Distillery, but is a circuitous road that leads you back past the “Old Log Cabin”, and the farm animals including a “blind pig”, “booze hound”, and “white mule”. Off shore are in coming masted ships named “Jamaica Rum”, “Bay Rum”, “Bacardi Rum” and others, while a sinking ship on the other side is labeled “Volstead - 18th Amendment Sinking Into Oblivion”. Rich and full of activity, it's unlike anything else done on the subject. A sought after alcohol themed pictorial by H.J. Lawrence of Houston, Texas.

    Condition is good, issued on board with some scuffing, soiling and minor scrapes. In vintage wood frame. Image size is approximately 17 x 20 (inches)