(Thematic -Anti-nuclear) Nucleaire: Danger Permanent

Mapmaker: Sortir du nucleaire

(Thematic -Anti-nuclear) Nucleaire: Danger Permanent

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  • (Thematic -Anti-nuclear) Nucleaire: Danger Permanent, Sortir du nucleaire, 2010

    The anti-nuclear movement has long had momentum in many nations, from "No-nukes" concerts in the U.S. in the 1970's, to the anti-nuclear protests in Germany that stopped the construction of a new nuclear plant, to the long history of France's anti-nuclear protests. But this anti-nuclear map for France is a moment in the movement when the tides are changing.

    This map embodies a position that will quickly begin to have a rethinking. Where carbon and green house gases have become the identified villain in the onset of climate change, now long-time opponents of nuclear are seeing it as an important component to reversing human impacts on the climate crisis. Now philanthropists with the deepest of pockets, like Bill Gates, are now promoting and researching a next generation of nuclear energy with strong consistent output and lower waste risks. And many scientists now see nuclear energy as a key facet to a healthier energy future.

    This map captures what had been some of the key points of concern, from waste storage, to mine waste, accidents, to the terrorist target that nuclear plants could become. But as temperatures in France hit new all time highs, such as 45.9°C (114.6°F) in the south of France in 2019, eclipsing the highs from 2003, there may be shift of the grass roots movements that sought to block all nuclear energy.

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