Here, the large poster by Bradford Washburn with the two pairs of 3D glasses, and the text itself.
Here the stamped and signed title page by both authors

Mapmaker: Ambroziak

(Thematic - Cartography) Infinite Perspectives

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  • 3D
  • Bradford Washburn
  • elevation
  • mountain
  • topography
  • (Thematic - Cartography) Infinite Perspectives - Two Thousand Years of Three-Dimensional Mapmaking, Brian Ambroziak and Jeffrey R. Ambroziak, 1999

    A great book that addresses, head on, one of the biggest historic challenges of mapmakers, how to handle and depict elevation. Looking at the historical efforts of the great Swiss cartographers, the cartographers of the U.S. West, and even up to the great Bradford Washburn, this books takes us through the history of depicting elevation and dimension, right up to the work of NASA. In the back hard cover pocket is a large fold out 3-D map with a pair of red & blue glasses illustrating Bright Angel Point in the Grand Canyon but with the latest technology and exploration done by Bradford Washburn and his wife Barbara. With glasses applied you do get an immediate sense as to the location and dimension of elevation changes. Other pages in the final chapter feature other approaches to using 3D glasses with numerous examples.
    Condition is very good with cover, contents and spine in very good condition, save for bumped corners. The text size is 12.75 x 15 (inches), poster size is 36 x 26 (inches)
    A rare signed first edition $140.00