(Thematic - Chinese History) Oriental Culture Charts

Mapmaker: Hawley, W. M.

(Thematic - Chinese History) Oriental Culture Charts

1936 - 54
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  • (Thematic - Chinese History) Oriental Culture Charts, W. M. Hawly, 1936 - 1954
    While the West's interest in Asia had many depths and focuses throughout the 19th and early 20th century, the work of Hawley wasn't the trite and romanticized Orientalism that could be found in popular culture, Hawley was a deep scholar and prolific instructor on subjects such as Chinese language and culture. This group of charts spans something of Chinese history from the evolving language to the art and sybolism.

    # 1 The Chinese Radicals
    #2A Evolution of Chinese Writing
    #4 Key To The Ancient Chinese Characters
    #10 The First 500 Characters
    #12 Chinese Art Symbols
    #14 Chinese Bronzes
    #17 Romanization of Chinese
    #18 Chinese Phonetic Elements

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