(Thematic - Christian) A Chart On the Course...

Mapmaker: Booth, A.E.

(Thematic - Christian) A Chart On the Course...

c. 1952

  • Summer Things 2020 Part III
  • (Thematic - Christian) A Chart On The Course Of Time From Eternity to Eternity

    Considering the times we've been living through, perhaps it's a good time to look at perspectives on how things could wind up.

    This "Pre-Tribulation" chart shows an end times scenario where the faithful Christian is removed from earth in the "Rapture" and how things quickly fall apart before the descent of Christ onto the earth and the soon after total reworking of reality. It will be earth 2.0 with both a new Heaven and Earth and all the bad stuff dumped in the trash, so to speak, into Hell.

    It's an entire world view and history of time condensed into one image, reflecting specific sub-branches of the Protestant church of the 20th century.

    Condition is very good with only marginal staining, wear and small tears. Bright original color. Image size is approximately 12 x 29 (inches)