(Thematic - Christian) (Lost World)

Mapmaker: Adams

(Thematic - Christian) (Lost World)

c. 1910

  • Summer Things 2020 Part III
  • (Thematic - Christian) (Lost World)

    The image of a ship being your means to salvation was a powerful concept for people of the time. Since it was prior to radio communication, once you got on the boat, you were in a state of trust in the ship and its crew to get you to your desired destination. There was no radio for rescue or warning of trouble. In the same way, the newly created "Church of God" was your trusted vessel to convey you to the heavenly afterlife you desired, with implicit navigation thanks to the foundations of "Holiness...", "Salvation...", and "Separation from the World" which were the masts powering the boat.

    Here the Church of God is your only means to leave the "Lost World" and reach the kingdom, while the other denominations were chained together by "Public Opinion" and circling the drain in a "Maelstrom Of Sin", sinking toward "Hell". Each of the ships bound for Hell were named, "Interdenominational", "Baptist", "Campbellite", etc. The Church of God for this era was born from the grass roots Holiness movements that had been emerging throughout America, awaiting to be distilled into a cohesive movement of revival.

    Condition is good, and has been professionally restored and backed with paper, with some marginal and edge loss (evident in our images). Image size is approximately 9 x 12.75 (inches)