(Thematic-History) Adams Syn Chronological Chart...

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(Thematic-History) Adams Syn Chronological Chart...

c. 1881

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  • Adams Syn Chronological Chart Or Map of History

    It's an incomparable overview and a massive work that spans from the beginning of time with Adam and Eve, through the stone age, kingdoms and empires right up to a very American depicted era of the end of the 19th century. Lithographed by notable firm Strobridge, this twenty foot long stroll looks at interaction of historic cultures and key points of historic importance. Reference Biblical as well as Greek historians, tackles Chinese empires and progressions as well as Middle Eastern and European subcultures.

    Our attached composite image is just a small taste of this complex work. At a time when "Histomaps" and other historical charts are capturing everyone's interest, this is a prime example of their foundational predecessor from decades prior

    Condition is very good, though the back and front cover are detached, the individual canvas backed panels that make up the chart are clean, bright and mostly free of any chipping on the edges. Image size is approximately 26.5 x 244 (inches)