(Thematic) Humboldt's Distribution of Plants

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(Thematic) Humboldt's Distribution of Plants

c. 1830
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  • ~Catalog 57~
  • Humboldt's Distribution of Plants in Equinoctial America, According to Elevation Above the Level of the Sea.

    Alexander Von Humboldt was a renaissance man, his impact is seen in geography, astronomy, linguistics and of course his field of botany, specifically geobotany. This thematic map shows a conceptualized mountain where the different types of plants are shown in their indigenous altitudes. From Sea level to 15,000 ft this shows plant life from Palms to Lichen. Beside this composite idea of a South American mountain are the relative heights of mountains from Vesuvius to Teyde and Chimborazo.

    Condition is good with some sporadic foxing. Image size is approximately 5 x 6.25 (inches), with a surrounding text 10 x 6.5 (inches)