(Thematic - Lindbergh) The Flight of Charles A. Lindbergh...

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(Thematic - Lindbergh) The Flight of Charles A. Lindbergh...


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  • The Flight of Charles A. Lindbergh from New York to Paris in his mono-plane "The Spirit of St. Louis" on May 20-21, 1927

    It's flight that we take for granted, and many times count on sleeping through, but many people died trying to accomplish the first transatlantic flight. Leaving a small airfield in New York and landing 33 and a half hours later in Paris, to a cheering crowd, Lindbergh's feat was a landmark accomplishment for mankind. It's a day the world changed.

    This pictorial map made to commemorate the flight, shows the path of Lucky Lindy, and is surrounded at top with a crest for "Science" showing his plane's controls, flanked by the challenges of "distance, fog, snow, sleet, darkness and solitude". On the left is his mascot cat "Patsy" amongst other crests. With "Le Bourget Field" and Paris on the right, with others. A wonderful deco influenced image.

    Condition is good with some fading and scuffing, and slight warp to the board that it was issued on. Image size is approximately 18.25 x 24(inches)