(Thematic- Paper) How Paper Came To America

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(Thematic- Paper) How Paper Came To America


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  • (Thematic - Paper) How Paper Came To America

    It is a technology that is easily dismissed as ubiquitous, but has been priceless in advancing cultures around the world. Here, published on nice onion skin stock is the simplified story of how paper came to America, where the invention of Tsai Lun, an official in the Chinese court created the first paper from bamboo (105 A.D.). But it wasn't that simple, and this work begins to hint at other inventors. While there was a clear migration of technology from China, there were independent discoveries by the Mayan's who processed bark into paper, and yet other independent movements in the South Sea Islands
    creating paper from their native tree barks.

    Condition is very good. Overall size is approximately 35 x 22.5