(Thematic-Racial) The Heritage of the Anglo...

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(Thematic-Racial) The Heritage of the Anglo...

c. 1953
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  • (Thematic-Racial) The Heritage of the Anglo-Saxon Race

    A strange concoction for the pseudoarcheological view of British-Israelism, a claim that the royal family and the British peoples in general are direct descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel. In this chart the "House of David" has given way to George VI and Elizabeth II, and conferred onto it the apparent rights of lineage and the realm of faith to prove their future inevitable. (?!?) This stream of religious thinking would make recurrent appearances in the region.

    Condition is good with minor scuffing on the folds, but with no loss. Size is approximately 18 x 26.5 (inches)