(Thematic-Racial) World/Africa/U.S./Nebraska

Mapmaker: Hearne Brothers

(Thematic-Racial) World/Africa/U.S./Nebraska

c. 1975

  • Spring Things 2020
  • (Thematic-Racial) Flow of Africans.../African American Populations/ African Americans Contributions to Nebraska/ (Africa) Afro-American Historical Development

    An uncommon wallmap that takes a early thematic look at African Americans, and growth, movement and culture. With four maps on one canvas, we see a unique take on origin, the diaspora and flow to other areas. Includes a wealth of important historical figures from Marcus Garvey to George Washington Carve, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and more. While not intended, this map well encapsulates the journey of Malcolm Little, from his birth in Nebraska, and his minister father who was a follower of Garvey, to the national and international stage.

    Condition is good with some edge tears, minor tape repairs and scuffing toward the bottom. Size is approximately 49.5 x 88 (inches)