(Thematic- Science) Investing in Atomic Energy
(Thematic- Science) Investing in Atomic Energy

Mapmaker: Welch

(Thematic- Science) Investing in Atomic Energy

c. 1957
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  • (Thematic- Science) Investing in Atomic Energy, Welch, c. 1957
    And here is another instance of the shift toward science as the coveted economic engine. Many attributed the scientific discoveries of WWII, from electronics to atomic energy as the backbone behind allied victory. And with the advent of the atomic era came a perceived horizon of almost every obstacle being overcome with nuclear energy. Not only was it going to supply "energy too cheap to meter", but with the discovery of elements of 101 (Mendelevium) and 102 (Nobelium), there was a new promise of synthesizing elements with properties yet to be understood. This brochure chart was distributed by the "Oppenheimer & Co", the New Jersey investment bank (not the scientist), and hoped to lure you into the futuristic investment of the "Atomic Development Mutual Fund, Inc." Condition is very good. Overall size is approximately 17 x 22 (inches)