(Thematic- Social) In Darkest England

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(Thematic- Social) In Darkest England


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  • In Darkest England, And The Way Out. By General Booth

    There is a long history of Christian themed salvation maps, with some drawing on Bunyan's "Pilgrims Progress". But this map has a totally different plain of interest, while it's interested in your eternal destination, it's really wants to save people from where they may be drowning at the moment. Maybe that storm tossed sea finds you in "Prison", "Drunkeness", "Betting" or "Unemployed", and you sinking fast.

    This map conceived by "General" William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army illustrates a process to rescuing the drowning, and set them on a new path to life, which may include training in a trade, legal assistance, temporary labor, or even a fresh start in the "Farm Colony" with fresh sights looking toward emigration to "British Colonies" and beyond.

    Condition is very good, with strong printed color. Image size is approximately 10.5 x 16 (inches)