(Thematic -US Economic) Business Booms...

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(Thematic -US Economic) Business Booms...


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    Our first impression on seeing these charts is, gosh, to compile data from the Treasury Dept., Dept. of Commerce, Dept of Labor, Federal Reserve, Federal Security Agency, and more, would've ben a huge manual undertaking at this time. There's no simple Excel document to crunch the numbers, and it's a huge overview to gain, spanning from 1794 to 1947.

    But it seems evident that in the near Post War years, with the Depression in the rear view mirror, it was a good time remind investors that it's time to return to the markets. Showing the greater cycles of Depressions ("Depression of 1884", "Panic of 1893", etc.), and Booms ("1835 Bank Credit Land Boom", "1880 Gold Resumption Prosperity", etc.), it becomes clear that this might be more normalized in our economic system than was realized. While the Great Depression might have been terrible, this chart points to the potential to things recovering and maybe even being better than before.

    Condition is good with some mile dampstaining on top title, better than our image shows. Image size is approximately 9 x 43.5 (inches)