(Thematic - Videogame) Nintendo Power,
(Thematic - Videogame) Nintendo Power,

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(Thematic - Videogame) Nintendo Power,

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  • (Thematic - Videogame) Nintendo Power, July/August 1988, #1 

    Locations can exist on many plains, including in the digital realm. A player that has explored a level or world with a real intensity may have something uniquely in common with a gamer on the other side of the planet who has likewise spent hours upon hours playing through a digital world, they've experienced it as dependably real and objective place. And just like we need maps for the "analog" world, there are reference maps for digital worlds too.
    Here is the simple beginnings of a huge franchise. This first issue includes a fold out map for "Second Quest of Zelda". Later games in the series such as "Breath of The Wild" would go on to develop intricate worlds with diverse terrain, and life forms, and would sell over 30 million units (totaling well over a billion USD). This complete issue is worn and well loved with some minor tears and plenty of misfolds, with some pen scrawl on the cover. Fold out size is approximately 10.75 x 22 (inches) with the issue size being 10.75 x 8 (inches) $185.00