Tierra Nueva

Mapmaker: Ruscelli

Tierra Nueva

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  • ~Catalog 58~
  • Tierra Nueva.

    A bit of a cryptic image to our eyes today, this early map has a contour that we can recognize as the East Coast of the US, but the closer we inspect, the more we see interesting juxtapositions and theories. Based off of the earlier landmark Gastaldi map of 1548, this updated version notes “Virginia” and 
“Nova Francia”, as well as “La Florida”. But also includes a mass of almost indistinct islands just off the coast that allude to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, but we don't recognize them as such immediately. Likewise what appears to the the St Lawrence, appears to reconnect inland to another river headed to the coast ( maybe the Connecticut, maybe the Hudson?). Shows a masted ship and large seamonster in the nearby sea. Burden #30 (state 3).

    Condition is good with some repairs to the centerfold, and some light offsetting. Image size is approximately 7.5 x 9.75 (inches),