Tour De France Cycliste 16e Annee 1922

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Tour De France Cycliste 16e Annee 1922


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  • Tour De France Cycliste 16e Annee 1922, L'Auto,

    (France - Europe) It's a race that can be over 2000 miles, takes a better portion of a month, stretches from the Sea to the Alps throughout Europe, and is the largest bicycle race in the world. Beginning as a publicity stunt for a newspaper in 1903, it has continued annually, stopping only for the two world wars that crossed its course, and has grown into the herculean drama that is the Tour De France. Condition for each of the following maps is good with some wear and minor soiling. From the years when Firmin Lambot, Hugo Koblet, Louison Bobet and Roger Walkowiak were the respective winners...long before Lance Armstrong (born 1971).

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