(TX.) Map of Texas...

Mapmaker: Hoffman & Walker

(TX.) Map of Texas...

c. 1953

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  • Hoffman & Walker's Pictorial Historical Map Of Texas

    A very large and fascinating map for the Lone Star state that goes far deeper than other historical maps we've seen for the region. With an intricate base map that shows the drainages and general topography of the state, it articulates scads of the original roads and trails. Dozens of notations address historical battles, expeditions, raids, Indian wars, colonies and more, with numerous vignettes illustrating the events. A great map that spans from "Cabeza De Vaca landing on Galveston island in 1528 to the Great Storm on 1900 landing in the same place... the authors have striven for accuracy".

    Condition is very good, and has been professionally cleaned and backed on canvas. Image size is approximately 43.5 x 42 (inches)