(U.S. -48 star) United States Flag ("Defiance")

Mapmaker: Annin Flagmakers

(U.S. -48 star) United States Flag ("Defiance")

c. 1918
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  • (U.S. - 48 Star) "Defiance"

    The Annin Flagmakers is the oldest firm in U.S. and has provided flags for important moments, from the inauguration of Zachary Taylor, to the flag raised by the Marines of Iwo Jima, and many more instances. This "3ft x 5ft" instance of the US flag was their "two ply, moth proof" flag labeled as the "Defiance". This instance came to us from a small town in the West and was believed by the owner to be from his grandfathers things from the WWI era.

    Condition is very good though the "Guaranteed fast color" has faded a bit over the years. The Canton is printed blue, though the cotton cloth of the stripes are sewn.