Hispanic U.S., number of persons of spanish origin by counties of the united states, 1970., U.S.G.S. latinx, spanish speakers in 1970 U.S.A.

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(U.S. - Hispanic/Latinx) Number Of Persons Of Spanish Origin...

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  • Number Of Persons Of Spanish Origin - By Counties Of The United States: 1970, U.S.G.S., 1973

    Historically, trying to understand people groups, their origins and associations had been a study of languages and their distributions. Prior to the Human Genome Project unlocking real biological associations among peoples, the means to understanding people groups was thought to be in the language they spoke. This approach certainly lacked accuracy, but it was a great general start for accumulating data, and the best that could have been hoped for at the time.  

    The immediate picture that it paints is that the historic peoples of the Southwest, continue to endure across that landscape. It also shows the growing urbanization that would draw people groups to urban centers and the promise of better jobs, and we see concentrations in cities from New York to Detroit, from Chicago to Minneapolis. 

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