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(U.S.) NavTech-Naviable Map Database


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  • (U.S.) NavTech - Navigable Map Database

    It's a technology that you now take for granted, perhaps in your car, or on a navigation device, or phone. But at the time, this felt like a revolution. They put major highways and roads into a digital form, where you could zoom in, precisely measure distances and get a whole new perspective on the circulatory system that is the U.S. road system.

    This map itself is a transitional species in the evolution of cartography. This printed paper map shows the extent of digital database development, and was made to advertise the accomplishments in this new frontier. It was impressive at the time as you could recognize the major highways where you lived, and by the density in urban areas, you could imagine that it would be expanding with greater definition across the whole country.

    First issued on cd's, it would later be formatted for SD cards, which will certainly shrink further in the future.

    Condition is excellent. Average Image size is approximately 32.5 x 47 (inches)