(U.S. -Rail) Map of all the Raillroads...

Mapmaker: Poor, H.V.

(U.S. -Rail) Map of all the Raillroads...

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  • Summer Things 2020 Part IIII
  • (U.S.- Railroads) Map of all the Railroads In The United States in Operation and Progress

    The rapidly expanding infrastructure that was changing the nation. The first railroad in the U.S. began in 1827, and here not even three decades later, there are dozens of rail lines across the Midwest, into the deep South, and beyond the Mississippi River. This large reference by Poor was definitive for the lines available, in progress and importantly those "projected". In the midst of a developing nation, knowing the route of the railroad could make or break your town.

    Condition is fair, has been professionally backed, with some loss on folds and fold junctions. Original outline hand color remains. Image size is approximately 36 x 40