(U.S.) States Of America,

Mapmaker: Russell, John

(U.S.) States Of America,


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • States Of America, Drawn from the Best Authorities By J: Russell.

    A great map for the transitional United States, showing all things east of the Missisippi River and the Louisiana Territory that lay beyond it. With little but native tribes and fledgling land companies north of the Ohio River, there is no Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, etc. Though there is a "Ohio Company" in the southern portion of what would be the modern state of Ohio, next to a large section of land noted as "Donation Lands from the Commonwealth of Virginia". Shows the earliest "Indiana" territory in what is roughly modern West Virginia.

    In the South we see the vast Georgia territory as it spans from the Atlantic coast, west to the Mississippi River, throughout it is dotted with natives towns and covered with tribal names. Above it is the "Tennessee Government", below it is the separated "West Florida" and "East Florida".

    Shows the smaller "District of Maine", which is reduced by the "Dividing Highlands", as the then national border. Along the entire coast is "The Twenty League Line"

    Condition is good, a crisp engraving, has been professionally restored and backed. Image size is 16 x 18 (inches)