(U.S. -Thematic) Atomic Airspace Reservations

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(U.S. -Thematic) Atomic Airspace Reservations


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  • (U.S. Thematic)Atomic Airspace Reservations


    With the rise of Fascism in Europe and growing tensions came the flight of scientists, mathematicians, and great minds that all fled to the U.S. and became an essential foundation to Atomic development and the Manhattan Project. From this close intellectual network came a rapidly blooming nuclear understanding and numerous projects related to its application. The impact of this era can be looked on as a pivotal moment for the direction and development of all of humanity.

    The covert nature of these projects made new demands on secrecy. Here we see the Air Age meet the nascent nuclear era, as President Truman makes not just the land off limits, but has to now cover the airspace overhead. Here five maps on one sheet show the bases, surrounding areas and cultural features for Hanford, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Arco (Id.), and Salton Sea, and how they were be effected. Rare.

    Condition is very good with minor uniform discoloration to the horizontal centerfold. Image size is approximately 23.5 x 26.25 (inches)