Maps for Baseball MLB, NFL Football map, PGA Golf map, NBA Basketball map FRANK ORDAZ

Mapmaker: Ordaz, Frank

(U.S. - Thematic) Baseball, Football, Pro Basketball, PGA Golf

1988 - 92
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  • Frank Ordaz is a inspiration for us. From simple beginnings in east Los Angeles, always making art. To making the art that brought movies like "Empire Strikes Back", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "E.T." and others to life. He created the illusions that many of us enjoyed, and believed in, without ever knowing his name or his work. After years of working on one movie to the next he got a chance to make a series of maps that were a tribute to great American sports. A love since childhood, he got to pour himself into sports history to give a concise visual summary of Baseball, Football, Pro Basketball, and the PGA Golf tours.
    These maps were issued individually, and we've collected them over the years to offer them as a moment in 20th century history, as they tell stories of achievement, racial integration and the changing landscape of professional sports. We've been able to get some of these signed by Frank himself.

    Baseball, 1987 (signed) condition very good
    Football, 1988 (signed) condition very good
    PGA Golf, 1988 (signed) condition very good
    Pro Basketball, 1992 condition good with minor marginal tears.

    Each map is approximately 24 x 36 (inches)

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