(U.S. - Thematic) Our National Bouquet

Mapmaker: U.S. State Flower Map Co.

(U.S. - Thematic) Our National Bouquet


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  • "Our National Bouquet"

    A beautiful map with a strange back story of a businessman's dream. A. W. Butterfield from Canby Oregon had an idea to make money off of a beautiful map. So hiring the talents of an Ohio artist N.B. Crabbe and found investors in his idea to make a beautiful and patriotic map of the state flowers for each of the states in the US. Unfortunately, it didn't achieve the momentum of epic sales that Butterfield had forecast and by WWI the project sales continued to slump to oblivion. Many states in the years after publication would change state their flowers and this map is a document of a time gone by and the hopes of fast cash vanished.

    Condition is good with some tattering to the top and bottom edges of this cheese clothed back paper, and some even discoloration to the far right margin, just catching the edge of the printed image. Image size is approximately 24 x 33 (inches)