(U.S.) Visual-History Wall Maps

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(U.S.) Visual-History Wall Maps


  • Summer Things 2020 Part IIII
  • (U.S.) Visual-History Wall Maps

    Not just a set of wall maps for teaching, but a large envelope holding an entire world view. From a historical perspective
    on the past of the U.S.("Colonization...","A House Divided"), to the present ("Nation Of Immigrants", "Natural Resources"), to the future ("20th Century", "A World of Facts"), this is a neat, bright batch of images that tell a seamless tale of progress. While acknowledging some of the worst blemishes, it still tells a story of a society moving from simple to complex.

    The set of maps is complete, with a "Teacher's Guide" of questions, and included eleven total maps;
    -20th Century America
    -A House Divided
    -Literary America
    -American Indians
    -Colonization In America
    -America's Natural Resources
    -The American Revolution
    -America - Nation Of Immigrants
    -The Civil War
    -The Western Frontier
    -Exploration and Discovery
    -A World Of Facts --- How 131 Nations Around The Globe Compare In Geography, Industry, Government, And Living Conditions

    Condition is very good overall, with one or two that have fold wear and minor seperation. Average Image size is approximately 27 x 35.5 (inches)