(UK - London) London The Bastion of Liberty

Mapmaker: Lee, Kerry

(UK - London) London The Bastion of Liberty

c. 1948

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  • London The Bastion of Liberty

    Perhaps the spirit of this map is best summed by the prominent Churchill quote just below the title, "We would rather see London in ruins and shes than that it should be tamerly and abjectly enslaved".

    This map is a visual victory statement after a terrible era of struggle and hardship. Through the design and depiction of artist Kerry Lee, the city is the shining capitol that has come through the war years and it rich with character and culture. This colorful map shows the areas of town, points of interest, as well as key buildings and is surrounded with vignettes for areas and sites around London.

    Condition is good and it has been professionally restored and backed with canvas. Image size is approximately 19 x 24.25 (inches)