(United States) A New Map of the United States of America

Mapmaker: Cowperthwait

(United States) A New Map of the United States of America


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  • (United States) A New Map Of The United States Of America

    A wonderful map spanning coast to coast right at the time of the California Gold Rush. Showing the major roads and railroads, a small bit of text just below the map discusses the "Railroad Routes Proposed To the Pacific Ocean", which at the time were just being analyzed as to which would potentially be the easiest route to build. For the time, this map shows the major trails, including the Oregon Trail and Santa Fe Trail, as well as the "Great Spanish Trail" and the routes of numerous explorers. The West itself is still divided into the vast territories of Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Washington and Oregon, with California now established as a state. Throughout the West the locations of native tribes are noted with the early "Indian Territory" just above Texas being divided solely into native districts. Two insets show D.C. and its near environs, and the other a look at the "Gold Region of California".

    Condition is very good, with bold original hand color. Image size is approximately 16 x 26.5 (inches)