United States (Civil War 1860)

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United States (Civil War 1860)


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  • Map of the United States of America Showing the Boundaries of the Union and Confederate Geographical Divisions and Departments, December 31, 1860

    After the Civil War, a thorough assessment began, involving both the Union and Confederate information. It became the "Official Record" and the definitive resource for everything pertaining to the War.

    This map for the US comes from that set, and shows the entire nation during a specific period of the conflagration. Great for military districts, as well as trails, forts, towns and
    situation of the secessionist states. This map shows the confederate state of South Carolina and the control of Union forces in December of 1860

    Condition is very good, an old owner stamp is in the upper right margin. Image size is 17 x 27.5 (inches)