United States including California, Texas &c

Mapmaker: Philip & Son

United States including California, Texas &c


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  • United States including California, Texas &c

    An early map of the US, with unusual qualities. While to the initial glimpse this is just an attractive 1850's era map of the US on an odd projection, further inspection supplies some interesting points. In the upper Great Lakes for interest, a distorted Lake Michigan creates a series of strange contortions for Indiana and Illinois, along with some odd borders. This is also the only instance in which we've seen Michigan owning the UP and a good portion of the northern shore or Lake Superior, right up to the Canadian border. The border itself is marked as "Boundary as settled in 1846 Britain retaining the Right to Navigate the Columbia River". In the West the territories are crossed by the Santa Fe and Oregon trails, as well as lesser roads weaving throughout. Uniquely this map notes both a "Highest Peak" as well as a "James Peak", which are both terms usually applying to what is today "Pikes Peak" The Texas panhandle is a little taller than usual as it includes what is today's Oklahoma panhandle. Our first time to offer this gem which isn't in the Antique Map price record.

    Condition is very good, and has been professional lined to mend a few old tears. The original hand color is still strong. Image size is 20.5 X 24.5 (Inches).