(United States) Map of United States

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(United States) Map of United States


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • (US) Map of the United States and Territories, Showing the extent of Public Surveys and other details...Under the direction of the Hon. Jos. S. Wilson...

    A large hand colored map of the nation, from coast to coast focusing on the substance of the nation's mapping as well as settlement and development. West of the Mississippi River the grid of the surveys expands across most of Kansas and Nebraska and eminates from Meridians in almost all of the territories. Hand colored dividing lines throughout show not county configurations, but the boundaries of Land Districts. The only state or territory to show its counties is Texas.

    Shows numerous explorers routes ("Macomb's Route","Capt Marcy") as well as some major "wagon roads" in the West. The hand color also helps highlight resources from Gold, Silver and other metals to Coal and "Oil Springs". A fine map from an uncommon year.

    Condition is good, has been professionally relaxed and backed, but does still have some light tide marks reaching in from both the left and right side. Image size is approximately 29 x 56.5 (inches)