(United States) Mitchell's New National Map, Exhibiting the Uni

Mapmaker: Mitchell

(United States) Mitchell's New National Map, Exhibiting the Uni


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  • (United States) Mitchell's New National Map, Exhibiting the United States with the North American British Provinces...,

    A stately wall map for the quickly changing nation with a few very rare notations. In the western territories are several notable points, with a very early notation for “Nevada” in the western portion of the Utah territory, and along the Mexican border is the “Arizona” territory, with a large New Mexico above it. But most unique is the configuration that shows “Shoshone” throughout what is central and southern Idaho, a notation that shows up on only a handful of maps. Also, there is a notation for “Colona” in the high plains. Colona was a proto - Colorado territory that shows up on a few maps, and covered what is mostly eastern Colorado, from the continental divided to its present border. Cut from the western portions of Kansas and Nebraska, Colona is very short lived as Colorado would come into existence in 1861. A stunning wall map, condition is good with none of the typically staining and only some wear points on the covering varnish. The original bottom roller is detached, though present, and the top slat is present with the detachment from the map.

    Image size is 64 x 60, full hand color.