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Mapmaker: Bradford

(United States) United States

c. 1838

  • ~Catalog 59~
  • (United States) United States

    It's not common to find maps for the US from this era, and this spanning from coast to coast. This map captures an interesting stage of development, prior to the Mexican America War and the expansion of the US into the Southwest. Here, the frontier lay beyond Missouri and Arkansas, and west of the new territory of Iowa (here stretching to US border). There is a vast "Indian Territory" that covers the Great Plains (as well as the "Great Desert"), and is only stopped once it reaches Spanish possessions or the large "Oregon" territory. Notes native tribes, as well as the rivers and general mountain ranges throughout the West.

    Condition is good, with some off-setting though exaggerated by our photos. Image size is approximately 14.25 x 23 (inches)