(US - East) Map of the Eastern United States

Mapmaker: Tyng, Griswold

(US - East) Map of the Eastern United States


  • ~Catalog 63~
  • Map of the Eastern United States

    A boldly-colored, patriotic feast for the eyes looking at the eastern portions of the US, with a mix of historical and modern features. The detailed surrounding border includes the founding fathers, early settlements, and key moments in US history. The map itself is full of vignettes for local history and character, and includes interesting notations like DeSoto's route across the South. Interesting that the vignettes around the title shows the variety of people important to the nation's history from natives and norsemen, to Frenchmen and Spanish missionaries and more.

    Condition is good, has been professionally cleaned and backed. Image size is approximately 33.5 x 23.5 (inches)