(US)... Nord America wit Luisiana.

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(US)... Nord America wit Luisiana.


  • ~Catalog 59~
  • (United States) Charte von Den Vereinigten Staaten von Nord America wit Luisiana. Weimar, im Verlage des geograph Instituts. 1814.

    A rare map for the early US and its Louisiana purchase. With bold original hand color this map outlines the early states and territories with some interesting transitional states included. Amidst names of towns, forts, rivers and many native tribes this map shows an odd configuration between the Mississippi River and the Ohio River, where two territories appear to dominate. An apparently unnamed territory takes up most of what would be present day southern Ohio and Indiana, while above it a vast "Indiana" territory spans up to the headwaters of the Mississippi River and Great Lakes (where the US is shown as owning some of the fictitious islands of Lake Superior). Inside the Indiana territory is a "Ohio", but it seems to be also inside a portion of western Pennsylvania.

    In the West, we see a huge Louisiana territory that sweeps up from a territory of "Neu Orleans", in what is roughly the present day state of Louisiana. Throughout Louisiana we see a pretty solid treatment of the rivers as they were known, with some inclusion of major physical land features. Numerous native tribes are noted.

    Condition is very good with a close lower left margin. Image size is approximately 14.5 x 17 (inches)