(US.) Ornamental Map of United States & Mexico

Mapmaker: Phelps

(US.) Ornamental Map of United States & Mexico


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Ornamental Map of the United States & Mexico.

    It was an era of great change, as two years before this map the U.S. annexed Texas and President Polk invoked the idea of "Manifest Destiny", a year prior it finalized the border of the Oregon Territory with England and to the south it began a war with Mexico. This "ornamental" map includes these recent events and promotes the accomplishments and need for settlers to move into these new areas.

    With George Washington at the center top, flanked prominently by the year, 1847, the map is surrounded with historical figures such as Montezuma and Cortez, as well as General Taylor and Santa Ana. The text below bolsters the opportunity in "New Mexico and the Californias", as places "rich in mines and agricultural products". A section on Oregon speaks of its excellent harbors the "high state of cultivation" and that it is "certain that the construction of a rail road across the continent is feasible and will be soon accomplished".

    Condition is good and has been professionally restored and lined with some minor loss and replacement on a piece of the top title, and the lower margin. Image size is approximately 21.25 x 28.25(inches)