(US) United States

Mapmaker: Morse

(US) United States

c. 1820

  • ~Holiday~2016
  • United States.

    Issued on a currency type stock that is thin and strong, this hand colored engraving captures the rapidly evolving understanding of the nation, both with substance and some myths. Fascinating for the territorial phase of the midwest and Mississippi River valley region, it shows Michigan Territory covering both shores of Lake Michigan, neighbored by a vast Northwest Territory. Beyond a strange Illinois is a Missouri with unsettled borders, and below it Arkansas stretching to the Mexican border. A large Missouri Territory includes Lewis & Clark's information. While the Mexican empire covers the Southwest, it also includes "Unexplored Country" and a river of the West connecting to a large interior lake.

    Condition is very good, with bold original outline hand color. Typical close margins. Image size is approximately 10 x 17 (inches)