(US) Van Loon's Map of the United States

Mapmaker: Van Loon

(US) Van Loon's Map of the United States


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  • Van Loon's Map Of The United States

    Heinrick Willem Van Loom, was a fascinating artist, author, and mapmaker that had an interest in culture and geography. He was active in studying the progression of man and was an activist against threats he saw growing in his homeland of Europe, such as the rise of Hitler. He would write a book rebutting and confronting Nazism and found his work banned.

    This uncommon map for America captures Van Loon's interest in culture and history for the region and shows his view of the land and the pivotal facets of American history that formed it. From the Tea Party and Slavery to The Iron Horse and the recent World War, he assembles pieces that help make the complexity of American life a little more understandable.


    Condition is good for this map issued on board, with minor marginal chipping. Image size is overall approximately 18.25 x 25.5 (inches)