USA 2000 AD

Mapmaker: Wunderlich, Dick

USA 2000 AD


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  • USA 2000 AD

    Remember 1972? Nixon in China, Watergate, Vietnam continues. And in the US great growth and change excellerated. This cartoon map of the US is a futuristic look at what the nation
    would be in the year 2000. This comic, imagined glimpse shows a nation crowded with sprawl that contracts neighboring cities into new names like “NEWWASHYORKTON” or on the west coast “SAND'ANGELISCO”. The plains states are incorporated into a massive agricultural business land of “Agri-korp”, while all across the southern border with Mexico a barrier like the great wall separates us with armed agents watching on top. Throughout the map extinct species are memorialized in statues from the Whooping Crane and Red Wolf to the American Indian. Thankfully the nation has faired much better than this map posited.

    Condition is pristine. Image size is 24 x 36(inches)