canyons of the colorado river, grand canyon, zion, canyonlands,

Mapmaker: Gal & Ottinger

(UT.,CO.,NM.,AZ.) Canyons of the Colorado River


  • 4 corner states
  • AZ
  • CO
  • Colorado River
  • grand canyon
  • NM
  • UT
  • CANYONS OF THE COLORADO RIVER, Jean Claude Gal and Lin Ottinger, 1984

    A colored relief map for the complex basin of the area that covers portions of the four corner states.

    Its a hand painted map of the area uncluttered by names, but including numbered and lettered keys for all the features parks, cities and geographic features. Small amounts of exaggeration of scale help convey a three dimensional feel to the overall.  Uncommon

    Condition is good on this very thick stock with some dampstaining on the top edge, but not getting into the image.  Image size is approximately  23 x 33 (inches).